Chicas de Viaje

Andy Clar lands in Argentina´s leading open TV network with 10 celebrity guests, to whom she offers a taylor made tour of the city she knows best: New York. In every episode, you will discover stores, restaurants, itineraries and much more, according to the taste and interest of renown personalities such as Alessandra Rampolla, Elena Roger, Maru Botana and Maju Lozano, amongst others. And because in NYC dreams come true, and Andy believes nothing is impossible, she will grant a wish to each of her travel partners: Flor Torrente will sing in Blue Note, the mythical jazz venue; Anita Pauls will shoot her first hip hop videoclip in a New York rooftop; Cata Spinetta will spin her first DJ set in Brooklyn and Pía Slpaka will learn how to make cupcakes from the Chief Baking Officer of Magnolia Bakery, where Carrie Bradshaw drowned her sorrows in Sex and the City. Want to hit the road with us?

Genre: Magazine / Travel
Host: Andy Clar
Episodes: 10 x 30′
Client: Telefe / Viacom
Year: 2017
Awards: Open TV Awards / Creativity Award Innovation TV 2017, category Integration.