El Banquete S2

In this second season, the Petersen Brothers double their bet and face new challenges. This time they will cook for 120 people in the Puente de la Mujer, in Puerto Madero; they pay homage to Tandil and its people in Estancia Ave María; they shows us the neighbourhood were they grew up, San Isidro; they set their table in the Monumento a la Bandera, in Rosario and share their magic with some of the best polo players of Argentina in Cañuelas. Also, for the first time they go outside the country to the neigh bring Uruguay and delight us with a banquet in Colonia, in the historic town itself.
Genre: Reality / Cooking
 Christian and Roberto Petersen
Episodes: 6 x 48′
Client: El Gourmet / AMC International Latinoamérica
Year: 2014
Nominations: Fund TV 2015 Awards, Everyday Life Topics category / ATVC 2014 Awards, General Interest category.