Sabores y Postales

Martiniano Molina tours around Argentina in his van to pay homage to a personality of the arts, sports and culture from each province, cooking for them and their friends an family in stunning locations, using the best regional products. In each episode we get to know a different province, local farmers and entrepreneurs of healthy and sustainable food produce companies, and, of course, the guests that Martiniano will interview in depth, visiting the places that were significant to them in their origins or in their life stories. Chango Spasiuk in Misiones, Milo Lockett in Chaco and José Meolans in Córdoba will be some of the guests invited to Sabores y Postales’ table.
Genre: Travel / Cooking / Interviews
 Martiniano Molina
Episodes: 25 x 52′
Client: ACUA Federal
Year: 2015